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A few tips to arrange your furniture for that personal touch

Category : Home Tips

Your home, your house is your place to be just “You.” The warm welcoming feel that you get the minute you step into your house is unparalleled. It’s your haven which you have decorated and arranged to suit your likes and tastes. But invariably many people goof up when placing furniture in their homes.

A wrong piece in the right place doesn’t add any charm to the room. Here are a few tips on how and which furniture to keep in your house.

Living room

This is where you will entertain your guests and hence the furniture and its arrangement here should be appropriate and also reflect your personality. Have a focal point in the room like a large art work or the fireplace and arrange your sofas, chairs around it.

Arrange display cabinets against the walls, magazine racks by the sofas. Ottomans and bean bags can be placed casually anywhere to break the starkness of the room and develop a warm and welcoming look. A tall boy in a corner will add the old world charm to the place.

Nesting tables, armchairs and other shelving units too can be placed at desired spots.


A room where you rest and relax should not have anything ostentatious and loud. Every piece should reflect the sense of calm and peace that should be present in any bedroom. You can place the bed to the wall so that it faces the window, to make most of the view. Make sure you have bedside tables on either side. A free standing armoire along with storage dressers will give a sense of completeness to the room.

Dining room

Now this is an area where you can be innovative and use a mix of furniture to get that unique look which oozes with your personal touch. Arrange benches, and chairs across the room with the walls lined with cabinets and book cases. If you have a window you can pair some chairs with a coffee table amidst near it.

There is no ideal furniture for each room of the house. Your furniture should fulfil a need primarily before becoming a thing of beauty which has no practical value.


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4 Best Places To Buy Furniture From

Category : Buy

You might not have a huge budget to buy the set of furniture you have always wanted. Does that mean giving up on your cherished dream to settle into your dream home? Absolutely not! Listed below are 4 places that you might have overlooked while buying furniture:

  • Estate sales

Estate sales furniture generally seems to cover everything that you could need. From classic wood tables to mid-century bedroom sets, there is something for everyone. You could sign up on online sites for sale alerts in your area.

  • Salvage stores

Salvage stores will sell both new and used furniture as well as appliances. You could stumble upon never-used items as well as high-end items for half the price. However, some salvage stores tend to be priced higher than the rest.

  • Yard sales

There is always room for bargaining at the yard sales. There will be an entire treasure trove from the 80’s and the 90’s and they are the best place to start with, if you are on a shoestring budget.

  • Local thrift store

The local thrift store always seems to have cheaper but higher-quality furnishings. However, they could have inconvenient timings but who minds the time when you can the best stock at almost half the price. Be sure to bring along a friend to help lug the furniture back home with you.

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Knowing Your French Vintage Furniture

Category : French

The French have always been the go-to for any kind of aesthetic, from fashion to food. And the same also reflected in their furniture. Quite a few grand styles of furnishing have originated in France along with names that continue to be the stamp for good taste and class till date. The use of rich and premium materials, the refined taste and the elegance associated with French vintage furniture justify the premium prices at which they are sold at auctions.


Let us take a look at a few well-known vintage styles that have survived the 18th and 19th centuries:

  • Bombe Chest

This piece of furniture with curved and bulging sides with a slight swelling in the front is typical of the 18th century Rocco Revival styles.

  • Chaise Lounge

The French loved adding comfort to life. The Chaise Lounge is a perfect example, since it is a long chair with a high back and padded seats for the sitter to stretch out comfortably to rest.

  • Console Table

The console table became popular in France in the 17th century. It was a two-legged table attached to a wall with brackets.

  • Duchesse

This style of lounge chair had also originated in France in the 18th century. It was part of the Rococo Revival in the 1840s. This was characterized by round headrest and six to eight legs.

These styles of furniture continue to be sold at auctions today at premium prices and are modified as per the up gradation of taste and times.