A few tips to arrange your furniture for that personal touch

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A few tips to arrange your furniture for that personal touch

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Your home, your house is your place to be just “You.” The warm welcoming feel that you get the minute you step into your house is unparalleled. It’s your haven which you have decorated and arranged to suit your likes and tastes. But invariably many people goof up when placing furniture in their homes.

A wrong piece in the right place doesn’t add any charm to the room. Here are a few tips on how and which furniture to keep in your house.

Living room

This is where you will entertain your guests and hence the furniture and its arrangement here should be appropriate and also reflect your personality. Have a focal point in the room like a large art work or the fireplace and arrange your sofas, chairs around it.

Arrange display cabinets against the walls, magazine racks by the sofas. Ottomans and bean bags can be placed casually anywhere to break the starkness of the room and develop a warm and welcoming look. A tall boy in a corner will add the old world charm to the place.

Nesting tables, armchairs and other shelving units too can be placed at desired spots.


A room where you rest and relax should not have anything ostentatious and loud. Every piece should reflect the sense of calm and peace that should be present in any bedroom. You can place the bed to the wall so that it faces the window, to make most of the view. Make sure you have bedside tables on either side. A free standing armoire along with storage dressers will give a sense of completeness to the room.

Dining room

Now this is an area where you can be innovative and use a mix of furniture to get that unique look which oozes with your personal touch. Arrange benches, and chairs across the room with the walls lined with cabinets and book cases. If you have a window you can pair some chairs with a coffee table amidst near it.

There is no ideal furniture for each room of the house. Your furniture should fulfil a need primarily before becoming a thing of beauty which has no practical value.